Below is a catch-all for questions I’m asked most often. I’ll be expanding this as time goes on.

Q: I’m bringing comics to your con appearance/store signing and wanted to know: What do you charge for signatures?

A: I don’t. Signatures are free. I also don’t have a limit on how many items I’ll sign, however, if you have a giant stack of books and there’s a line-up building, I may limit the number to a dozen or so and just ask that you move to the back of the line so that people aren’t kept waiting while I sign a longbox of comics.

Q: Can I mail you comics, have you sign them and then mail them back to me?

A: Short answer: No. I don’t want to be responsible for someone else’s books and don’t give out my home address. However, if you’re looking to purchase signed books, please check out this link. Strange Adventures is my local shop and I’m generally in there once a week. If you buy books from them and request I sign them, I’ll happily do so the next time I’m in — at no charge.

Q: How can I contact you about a store signing/convention appearance?

A: Just use the CONTACT link in the header. I’m always happy to do a store signing or convention appearance when I can, depending on my workload and schedule.

Q: I have an idea for a new character! Or: I have ideas for a Marvel book! Can I sent them to you?

A: I’m afraid not. For legal reasons, I can’t look at new character ideas, ideas for Marvel or any other book/company I’m working on/for. Nor can I pass the information on to editors. Best thing for you to do is develop the idea or character for yourself and create your own original work.